Starring different fighters in different points in their careers, Fight Life brings you a spectrum of different point of views in the fight game. From the 15 long minutes inside the cage to the countless hours in the gym, this new profession of mixed-martial arts has finally flourished into mainstream America. The evolution of the sport within the last ten years from an underground sport to Spike TV and CBS has surprised all nay-sayers who a decade ago said the sport would never survive 2000. Along with this new sport comes the lifestyle of professional fighters who are paving the way for the next big thing.

"Highest of high, lowest of lows" a fighter once told me about the sport of MMA. In the spirit of capturing this new modern phenomenon, Fight Life chronicles the early struggles of the sport of MMA through the lives of our selected fighters. Focusing on our three main protagonists' lives both inside and outside of the ring, we offer the behind the scenes view of both the triumphant and inglorious times the fighters go through in their daily lives. From the moment of victory every fighter is chasing after, to the devastating knockout in defeat, we follow these fighters during their journey chasing a dream few dare.


James Z. Feng

James Z. Feng is an award-winning indie filmmaker (600, Drowning) shooting his first feature documentary with Fight Life. An accomplished actor with many credits, James dedicated himself into filmmaking after his debut film 600 made a splash in the international film festival scene. Not a fan in using other people's money to shoot his own projects, James works multiple jobs to support and fund his own films. Fight Life is currently wrapping up its California tour before it hits other states and doing also kick off an international tour. James lives by the motto: "Passion, Hard work, Perseverance."

Seher Basak

Seher became interested in making movies from working in the video game industry, where she first saw the potential for expanding narrative realms through the use of different media types through the Wachowskis' work on the Matrix universe. She has been most inspired by Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Smith in the world of film and in gaming by Ragnar Tornquist and Warren Spector. After co-producing James Z. Feng's short film Drowning, she was asked to continue working with him on Fight Life. She has also produced two other short films and the video game Physitive for PC.

Michael Solidum
Director of Photography/Co-Producer

As a newcomer to the filmmaking world, Michael Solidum strives to inject a fresh look to the lens of every project with which he is involved. He immigrated to the Los Angeles area at an early age from the island of Mindanao in the Southern Philippines and worked in the legal field for nearly a decade before he began to pursue filmmaking. His life experiences help shape his cinematographic and filmmaking perspectives. He is a fan of contemporary cinematographers Matthew Libatique, Christopher Doyle and Larry Fong. Michael eagerly signed on to Fight Life to embrace the challenge of working on a project involving a subject that was unfamiliar to him and to work with a talented crew of dedicated individuals.

Barbara Grandvoinet

Born and raised in Paris, Barbara Grandvoinet now lives in San Francisco as a producer and director. Her film "Children of the Trains" (in post-production) is gaining attention worldwide. She produces, writes and edits segments frequently broadcast on national television as well as documentaries and films. Her past work with the PBS/American Masters series includes: "Julliard", "F. Scott Fitzgerald: Winter Dreams", "Robert Capa: In love & War" and "Clint Eastwood". She received her Masters Degree in Broadcast Communication Arts from San Francisco State University. Barbara brings over a decade of expertise in pre-production, production and postproduction.

Ramon Vasquez Jr.
Post-production Coordinator/Editor

Ramon Vasquez Jr. is an Independent Film Maker from Southern California. Ramon became interested in film through his writing of short stories and scripts. He attended San Diego City College and received a Certificate in Film. He has been working hard for several years now, completing film and video projects and learning more about the business. In 2007 Ramon moved to Los Angeles to pursue his film career in Hollywood. Currently he works at a highly established postproduction studio in the heart of Hollywood. He has completed and premiered his first Los Angeles based short film and plans on producing several more shorts and also begin work on his first feature.

Lanser Boint

Producer/Writer Lanser Boint brings his journalist and CPG sales and marketing background to the team. He hopes to both educate people and bring mainstream exposure and sponsorship to MMA. He also is working on producing his latest screenplay Freedom Rains, the story of a disillusioned Iraq war vet who turns to the octagon for truth.

James Y. Shih

An actor by trade, James Y. Shih, got his start in film production producing short films at the University of California, San Diego where he studied Theatre and Economics. After college, James went to live in Taipei, Taiwan where he continued to act in theatre and also worked as a Business Director for a social network start up. A lifelong martial artist and a MMA enthusiast, James was drawn to Fight Life by its subject matter and also with the hopes that this film will help shatter the many misconceptions about the hardworking men and women fighters that make this sport.

Jenny Pan
Graphic Designer

Jenny Pan is a graphic designer and currently an MFA graduate student at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She has experience in various media, specializing in print design. Her background is in fine arts and photography.

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